Nine Inch Nails title new album Hesitation Marks, reveal new track “Came Back Haunted”

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Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails has been slowly opening a tap of information about a new album, with bits of news dripping slowly since Trent Reznor & Co. initially announced their return. Today, Reznor revealed a few more juicy tidbits via Twitter. This evening, Nine Inch Nails tweeted the following:

halo twenty eight: hesitation marks. 9.03.13.

Translation: Nine Inch Nails’ new album — their first since 2008’s The Slip — is called Hesitation Marks, and it’s out September 3.

Nine Inch Nails also debuted the first track from the album, titled “Came Back Haunted,” via Seattle radio station 107.7 The End. Subsequently, Nine Inch Nails posted the track on their Soundcloud page, along with a lengthy set of every NIN single to date titled Definitive NIN: The Singles (1989-2013), which makes a pretty awesome hits collection of Trent feels like making it official. Listen to “Came Back Haunted” below.

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