Plus Device : Puncture

From Detroit with anonymity comes electro-funk outfit Plus Device. Behind a veil of secrecy, Puncture is a foray into a land of Moog synthesizers, LSD use and fog machine abuse. Plus Device is an apparent side project of one or more noteworthy producers from the world of techno, who, in a PR move destined to fail, have abstained from providing any biographical knowledge of themselves. From the raunchy, S&M model-laden album cover you are to be cajoled into a deathtrap of pulsing bass and audio sex that oozes even from the binding of the record. An exercise in acid, Plus Device follows in the style of the heyday of said genre; Puncture is at times both rough and slick, and assuredly there is plenty of drum machine employed.

“Body Heat” is a definite banger and the first of a handful of tracks consisting of vocals (in this case from Dutch Master) and comprising what the more memorable portion of your listen. “Ultra Seductive” is just that, an everyday drawer dropper bound to leave you with at the very least a backdrop to your next sequence of intimate relations. The essence of Plus Device is never more apparent then on “Sexual Harassment” when you are blatantly instructed to “Get your ass up/Get your ass down/Rub the ground.” The simplicity of the track may not make it seem much more advanced than the song you wrote the summer after high school when you began to dabble with turntables. It’s a standard issue beat, with a monotone yet slightly sultry voice, with a contrived attempt at anthemic lyrics. Further, from the desk of Dieter Meier is “Our Pleasures” a forgettable track with incessant voice slicing. But “Come Inside of Me” needs little explanation beyond one look at the title.

While the whole affair is, without question, smooth (think David Sanborn, but less spooky), its lack of a dynamic single and its dependence on in-your-face sexuality ultimately impede the final product. Dangerously close to also-ran territory, the Detroit outfit is not quite to be resigned to that billing. but with Puncture you may walk away seeking something more. A need for more diversity among the tracks on Puncture may be the biggest complaint, yet from start to finish, the album is seamless and sexy.

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