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The hubby and wife French duo of Jean-Philippe Freu and Patrice Carrie are here once again with a retrospective that may have been released, oddly, a little too soon. Yet that didn’t stop their track “Cubicle” from blowing up on iPod commercials. Rinocerose frequently mentions guitars in their song titles and/or puts their likeness in some form or another on the cover of their album and single’s covers. The electric guitar is to Rinocerose what Eddie is to Iron Maiden. We get it! You like to mix guitars with electronica! It’s been done! Whew. With that being said, let us proceed.

The opener “Bitch” seems like AC/DC having given a remix to a classic disco track, as that ball keeps glittering with the riffs on “Le Rock Summer.” While the album at times may seem a tad schmaltzy, as on “Lost Love (Bacon & Quarmby Mix),” but that’s probably because remix tracks don’t belong on best-of comps anyhow. The riffs come bouncing back again with a splash of ambient bossa nova on the aptly titled “Mes Vacanses a Rio” and adhere to a mellower tone with “Le Triangle.”

A dance music album these days would seem quite kosher without resembling a hint of sonic punk ethos as “Get Ready Now,” that’s as smarmy and rudimentarily zoological as the Happy Mondays were. The Latin tinged vibe of “Dead Flowers” will make the listeners want to get their olé on. “Dead Flowers” and “Music Kills Me” are “oldies” but goodies, while numbers like “Inacceptable” roll on, and it seems like whoever sequenced this disc had been overindulgent with what qualifies as the duo’s `greatest’ tracks.

After having trekked across the states in the summer of 2001 on Moby’s Area:One tour, Rinocerose sank into oblivion here until the folks at Apple helped them bounce back a la The Caesars, which in turn prompted their label to “re-introduce” Rinocerose to the world. While this eponymous collection didn’t need to be put out just yet it does remain just a little bit better than okay.

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