Silence the Foe : Sweet Sweet Suicide

Finally, a Norwegian band that keeps it heavy, without painting their faces and slaying goats. On their debut EP Sweet Sweet Suicide, Silence the Foe plays hardcore with a head on its shoulders. With the perilizing screech of singer Anders Voldronning and the triple guitar attack lead by axe men Roland Kjenstad, Marcus Forsgrenv, and Audun Storset, Silence the Foe is hardcore for the more grown up or sophisticated, if you will. So all you young’uns get yer asses back to the mall and hurry up and get those Warped Tour tickets while you still can.

“Chaotic Mind” is a thick slab of stoner metal ruckus ala Desert Sessions speeding on the road to oblivion with cutthroat definitude, while the title track holds an invigorating accessibility to listeners who are seasoned to more subtle tunes. Throughout the disc’s duration Voldronning sings as if he just got finished snorting lines of powdered cayenne pepper up his nose. Critics will be quick to pigeonhole Silence the Foe as post-hardcore but really they are the upcoming sound of now hardcore.

A really pulverizing merger of the elements of math, thrash and skate rock are blended up on “Penny for Your Lies” as “Playing With the Old Me” is a monstrous triad of shrieking guitars that drills through the ear drums. What’s unique about Silence the Foe is that they can open a can of whoop ass without seeming brutish. With seven songs at 20 minutes, that’s what I call an EP!

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