Six Organs of Admittance announce new album, The Veiled Sea

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Six Organs of Admittance have announced a new album. On June 25, Ben Chasny will release The Veiled Sea via 3 Lobed as part of its 20th anniversary series (which has also included albums by Gunn-Truscinski Duo and Sunburned Hand of the Man). The first track to be released from the album is “Somewhere in the Hexagon of Saturn,” which you can check out below.

Ben Chasny says of the album in a press release, “I was basically trying to do like a private press psych thing where it’s pretty over the top guitar soloing and have that meet a more german electronic style bed of music jam. Do you know Billy T.K.’s Powerhouse record? So like that sort of soloing. But also it’s sort of a rejection of the more Grateful Dead style guitar soloing that is really popular in the indie world now, and sort for swapping that out for maybe more glam style.”

Six Organs of Admittance The Veiled Sea tracklist:

1. Local Clocks
2. Somewhere in the Hexagon of Saturn
3. All That They Left You
4.Old Dawn
5. Last Station, Veiled Sea
6. J’ai Mal aux Dents

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