Hear The Lovecraft Sextet’s gorgeously dark “De Mysteriis (Ambientum)”

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Lovecraft Sextet

On September 24, The Lovecraft Sextet—the project of Jason Köhnen (Mansur / The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble / The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation)—will release new album In Memoriam via Denovali Records. A press release states that the album is “inspired by death, release and rebirth. Jason Köhnen has chosen to incorporate funereal aspects of classical, operatic and Gregorian music for this debut release.”

Today, Lovecraft Sextet shares new track “De Mysteriis (Ambientum)”, the closing track from the album, and a gorgeously haunting blend of piano-led ambiance and found sound. It’s a more delicately atmospheric permutation of Köhnen’s darkjazz sound, a gentle yet gothic intersection of new age and dark ambient that’s somehow both peaceful and a little ominous. Hear “De Mysteriis (Ambientum)” below.

The Lovecraft Sextet In Memoriam tracklist:

  1. Funebre Macabre [Vocalis]
  2. Funebre Macabre [Musicorum]
  3. Funebre Macabre [Ambientum]
  4. De Mysteriis [Vocalis]
  5. De Mysteriis [Musicorum]
  6. De Mysteriis [Ambientum]
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