The Lovekill : These Moments Are Momentum

Garage rock with slices of working class punk is a fair description of Cleveland, Ohio band The Lovekill’s debut effort These Moments Are Momentum. Its tracks are choreographed to jostle velocity and intensity of the instrumental kicks with the bawdy vocals of lead singer Chris Rager. The shrilling guitar slings of Rager and Jonah Bayer have a Riverboat Gamblers-like chaotic fluster with the rhythmic spools of the Dropkick Murphys, divined by bass player Carla Cherry and drummer Craig Ramsey.

Songs like “Years” and “Complicated Sighs” deliver fluttering queues and vocal cleats that dig in and mast an independent path from the sonic terrain. The strident guitar cuts on “Palms and Gin” spew with aggression and breakneck speeds, backing Rager’s raspy vocal pitch. “The Refrain Of The AM” rallies the audience with vocal acceleration that punches similarly to Mick Jagger’s vocal jabs. The vocal shouts on “Sleep Over” slab the guitar scales with trembling kettles, while the rhythmic jogs scramble at a crazed pace. The hard rock strata on “Heart Wires” batter some discord and chaos properties while forming a bedrock of repetitive drum rolls. The vocals on “Nothing Yet” are belted out and scorch while the strong bass lines in the bridge mingle with the clashing guitar clamor. The vocals often fall out of sync with the instruments and appear uncoordinated but also aim for an independent and unleashed posture.

The Lovekill have created an album with familiar elements and structures to further their garage rock and raw punk maneuvers. They are bringing heavy, bone-crushing rock to the masses and unleashing it with a rash and mean delivery.

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