This Microwave World : Red States

Post-punk and every related sub-genre seems to be a hit these days for just about anyone who wants to form a prosperous indie band. But sometimes it just sounds watered down, making for little more than an embarrassment. Such is not the case with the Austin quintet This Microwave World, who on their debut release Red States have thrown together a swirling danceable post-punkiness as keyboardist Erin Mikulenka’s backing vocals serve as the glue that holds together the electro-laced insolence of their sound.

“December Was a Sham” will cause violent gyrations in your hips and make you feel like you’re running through an old school Atari game, while evoking the sence of what the B-52’s would sound like if they adhered to a more roughneck disposition. The guitar shuffle in “You are a Riot” goes along well as singer Sean O’ Neil’s voice recalls a younger and cooler version of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

Red States has a sound that contains many audible curveballs that can amaze your ears. Even the almighty Britt Daniel of Spoon steps in to lend his “ooohs” and ahhhs” alongside the backing vocals in “The Party Line.” “The Year of the Living Enviously” kicks out the wicked grooves reminiscent of…you guessed it, Gang of Four. The anxiety-filled “A Model Life” rocks harder than Michael Schenker, and TMW throw down more of their skills for the dancey swagger on “Flip it to the B-Side.”

Everybody wants to make new wavey punk that you can dance to these days, as its no stretch to call the “flavor of the month.” But the end result can be just a bunch of sub-standard music. However, if you really wanna feel the groove, be sure not to let Red States pass you by. This Microwave World puts finesse into their palpitations as they drive their sound into DEFCON 1.

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