Hear Walking Bombs’ new progressive post-punk anthem, “Reach for the Light”

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Walking Bombs

On April 7, Southern California group Walking Bombs will release their new album Spiritual Dreams Above Empty Promises. Today, the group has shared a new song from the album, “Reach for the Light.” It’s a tense, post-punk dirge with an ominous tone, yet it takes a number of unpredictable directions from there, incorporating elements of progressive rock, disco, funk and anthemic punk rock. It courts accessibility and evades easy classification all at once. Hear it below.

Walking Bombs’ Morgan Evans said in a statement, “My song ‘Reach For The Light’ is kind of like Judas Priest’s epic ‘Run Of The Mill,’ a warning to not settle for mediocrity. While it can be hard being trapped in the mechanics of society, we have to try and push back and follow the colorful whispers of creativity inside us. I surrounded myself with others who I know live by a similar code.” 

Taraka Larson added, “It felt positive and nourishing to work on ‘Reach For The Light.’ Morgan’s songwriting is always refreshingly chameleon and hard to pin down. Very genuine, no ego, and lots of room to play around and get weird. singing on it felt like tapping into a forgotten high school part of myself that was too young for Woodstock 99 but not too old to guttural scream into a pitch shifter and channel my inner Korn.”

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