Watch State Drugs’ live performance, shot at Denver’s Hi-Dive

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State Drugs live show

On February 14—that’s Valentine’s Day!—Denver punk rock outfit State Drugs will release their new album Live, Laugh, Love via Ashtray Monument/Snappy Little Numbers. They’ve already shared one track from the record, “Threat Level Midnight,” and today they’ve released a full live set shot at Denver’s Hi-Dive ahead of the album’s release. The set was filmed by Brian Sharkey, with assistance from Maitland Lottimer, on January 29. There are no drink tickets or punishers at the merch table, but the band still brings all the live energy you’d hope for in a great live show, plus they all wear masks—safety first! Watch it and find out why an inebriated gentlemen once described the band thusly: “It’s like the Gin Blossoms if only Dave Lombardo played drums.” Or somewhere between Jawbreaker and the last couple of Hüsker Dü records, if that makes any more sense. Watch the full live set below.

Pre-order Live, Laugh, Love here.

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