Wild Pink’s “Oversharers Anonymous” is dreamy, wisdom-seeking rock ‘n’ roll

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Wild Pink interview

Wild Pink‘s music is made for long drives to nowhere in particular. Like The War on Drugs, and Springsteen and Tom Petty before them, Wild Pink tap into an immediately satisfying kind of heartland rock that carries rich layers of beauty and vulnerability beneath its most immediate hooks—the kind of music that’s meant to soundtrack way too much time spent with your own thoughts. On “Oversharers Anonymous,” it’s a road trip where the journey’s certainly fine, but the destination is self-realization.

Over a gorgeous yet stadium-ready blend of guitar, violin and pedal steel, John Ross gently croons his way through poignant, sometimes hilarious reflections on growth, interconnectedness, and how social media has made everyone insufferable but no less worthy of love or validation: “You’re a fucking baby, but your pain is valid too.” It’s stare-out-the-window rock ‘n’ roll with a dreamy streak, but still with its feet firmly on the floormats and the wisdom to know that nothing can be taken for granted. “Thank god we’re born free,” Ross sings, “but just don’t lose the keys.”

From A Billion Little Lights, out February 19 via Royal Mountain

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