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Aphex Twin recently released Syro, his first album in 13 years. But as you might imagine, an artist as creative and prolific as Richard D. James can end up amassing a pretty hefty amount of material in that much time. And, as it turns out, a baker’s dozen years was enough time for James to record several albums’ worth of music. In a new interview with Dave Noyze, James gives a long interview that covers a lot of ground — his music, the gear he uses (with lots of photos at that), stuff he made when he was a kid, and a whole bunch of other topics. But here’s the exciting part: He also shared 30 (!) unreleased songs. Yeah, you read that right: 30 songs.

Twenty of those tracks are simply just some experiments that James engaged in using some Buchla and Serge modular synths, and he refers to them as a “fucking racket.” Plus there are some outtakes from his orchestral performances in London and Poland. Listen to the stream below of one of Aphex Twin’s 20 modular synth experiments. And you can hear the rest of the unreleased tracks on Aphex Twin’s Soundcloud page.

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