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On November 13, Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never, will release his new album, Garden of Delete, via Warp. He’s already shared a handful of songs from the album, including the intense electronic pulses of “I Bite Through It” and the epic industrial sound of “Mutant Standard.” Today, he’s shared yet another song from the album, titled “Sticky Drama.” It’s a mixture of acoustic sounds, distorted synths and strange, alien robot crooning. It’s Oneohtrix Point Never at his weirdest and his most accessible. Listen to the Oneohtrix Point Never “Sticky Drama” stream below, via Spotify.

Garden of Delete follows 2013’s R Plus Seven.

Oneohtrix Point Never Garden of Delete tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Ezra
4. Sticky Drama
6. Mutant Standard
7. Child of Rage
8. Animals
9. I Bite Through It
10. Freaky Eyes
11. Lift
12. No Good

Oneohtrix Point Never is featured in our new article, Body Music: The creep of a new, dark electronic music.

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