Chairlift shares new track, “Romeo”

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Chairlift is releasing new music in 2016. On January 22, they’ll release Moth, via Columbia. They’ve already shared one track from the upcoming album, titled “Ch-Ching.” And today, they have another new track to share, titled “Romeo,” which they shared today via Pitchfork.

The indie pop duo hasn’t yet disclosed all the details of their new album, but in a recent interview with Pitchfork, singer Caroline Polacek described the record as “Joyful, gooey and personal,” and discussed some of the inspiration behind the record’s title and themes:

Well, moths aren’t something you really see in New York City. You don’t see them very often, at least, but we liked the idea of the moth as a metaphor for vulnerability, for something that’s fragile but relentless at the same time. It goes towards the light; it beats its wings until it dies. There are risks everywhere, but it doesn’t question them. So for us, that was sort of the attitude for the music: something really beautiful, vulnerable, honest.


Moth follows 2012’s Something.

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