Watch the longform Ty Segall “Emotional Mugger” video

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Ty Segall Emotional Mugger video

Ty Segall has released a new, 14-minute longform video for the title track to his new album Emotional Mugger, and oh boy, it’s twisted. Directed by Matt Yoka, the clip is a short film through various horrors taking place in Los Angeles. It begins with a violent and grisly scene in which a police officer uses some kind of bizarre device to suck all the fluids out of a person and then rolls him up like a carpet, then there’s more creepy body horror stuff involving a prostitute and Segall with some odd skin condition, and then a bunch of people wear cell phones with creepy eyeball displays, looking a bit like evil robots in the process. Suffice it to say this is pretty demented stuff, which is par for the course for Segall.

Watch the Ty Segall “Emotional Mugger” video below.

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