Parquet Courts announce new album, Human Performance

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Parquet Courts new album

Parquet Courts have announced a new album. The Brooklyn post-punk outfit will release Human Performance via Rough Trade on April 8. The album is inspired by the band’s own frustrations with mental and physical clutter, and an inability to make emotional connections, or at least the perception of it. That’s the album’s artwork above.

“I began to question my humanity, and if it was always as sincere as I thought, or if it was a performance,” guitarist Andrew Savage says in a press release. “I felt like a sort of malfunctioning apparatus. Like a machine programmed to be human showing signs of defect.” The band has released a new song from the album, titled “Dust,” the video of which you can watch below.

Human Performance follows 2014’s Sunbathing Animal and 2015’s Monastic Living EP.

Parquet Courts Human Performance tracklist:

1. Dust
2. Human Performance
3. Outside
4. I Was Just Here
5. Paraphrased
6. Captive Of The Sun
7. Steady On My Mind
8. On Man, No City
9. Berlin Got Blurry
10. Keep It Even
11. Two Dead Cops
12. Pathos Prairie
13. It’s Gonna Happen

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