Watch Chance the Rapper’s Kit-Kat commercial

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Chance the Rapper Kit Kat commercial

Yesterday, Kit-Kat teased a screenshot of Chance the Rapper in an upcoming commercial, in which he’d be performing the candy bar’s signature jingle, and today the commercial he stars in has arrived. In the commercial, he’s dressed as a lion for Halloween (in his third mixtape hat, naturally), and becomes distracted by a singing version of himself on a Kit-Kat bar wrapper. He’s “Chance the (W)rapper.” Get it? Get it? Anyhow, that singing wrapper delivers the catchy Kit-Kat jingle in a kind of soulful, jazzy version. It’s kind of surreal, actually, but fun and playful. Like Chance’s mixtapes, of course. Watch the Chance the Rapper Kit-Kat commercial below.

Chance the Rapper’s new mixtape is Coloring Book.

Chance the Rapper’s “All Night” is on our list of Essential Summer Jams of 2016.

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