Elliott Smith either/or expanded reissue being released for 20th anniversary

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Elliott Smith either/or expanded reissue

This year, Elliott Smith‘s landmark 1997 album either/or turns 20. For its 20th anniversary, Kill Rock Stars is releasing an expanded reissue of the album, remastered under the supervision of Larry Crane, owner of Jackpot! Studios and archivist of the Elliott Smith estate. The reissue features several bonus tracks, including live versions, alternate takes and the previously unreleased “I Figured You Out.” Take a look at the tracklist below and listen to a stream of “I Figured You Out.”

Elliott Smith either/or: Expanded Edition tracklist:

1. Speed Trials (remastered)
2. Alameda (remastered)
3. Ballad of Big Nothing (remastered)
4. Between the Bars (remastered)
5. Pictures of Me (remastered)
6. No Name No. 5 (remastered)
7. Rose Parade (remastered)
8. Punch and Judy (remastered)
9. Angeles (remastered)
10. Cupid’s Trick (remastered)
11. 2:45 AM (remastered)
12. Say Yes (remastered)
13. My New Freedom (Live) (unreleased)
14. Pictures Of me (Live) (unreleased)
15. Angeles (Live) (unreleased)
16. Some Song (Live) (unreleased)
17. Rose Parade (Live) (unreleased)
18. New Monkey (keys) (unreleased)
19. I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure It Out (remixed/remastered)
20. I Figured You Out (unreleased)
21. Bottle Up And Explode (Alternate Version) (unreleased)

Elliott Smith’s “Angeles” is featured on our list, True Alternative: The Top 100 Songs of the ’90s Underground.

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