ADULT. and Planet B create apocalyptic dance music on “Release Me”

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Detroit industrial-synth duo ADULT. have just released a new single in collaboration with Planet B (Justin Pearson of The Locust and Luke Henshaw) titled “Release Me,” via Dais, which Treble is debuting. It’s a dark and eerie track, seething with abrasive beats and gloomy synthesizers. The two groups provide complementary elements to each other’s sound, ADULT. providing a melodic darkwave aspect while Planet B’s hardcore-punk-meet-electro aesthetic cuts through some of the more ethereal aspects with an urgent harshness. There’s a tension and a harmony to the track that makes even its most abrasive moments sound seamless, yet the shared component is an intense darkness. Halloween is still almost two months away, but it’s not too early to start the (socially distanced) apocalyptic dance party.

Listen to ADULT. and Planet B’s new single “Release Me” below.

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