Adult. : Why Bother?

The 5 Step Plan to Adjust to 2007’s Musical Climate:

Step one, make sure you catch a musical artist in the beginning. Thus, you already have a greater appreciation for the band and a greater understanding of their output, long before that band goes mainstream.

Step 2, apply ample amount of time to devote listening to music.

Step 3, be an early adapter to different styles of music genres and varying styles. Getting stuck in a musical rut can be your downfall of great listening and discoveries.

Step 4, direct a great deal of your attention to the band Adult.

One of the most consistently interesting electro acts in the States, Adult. is a band creating some fantastic material right now. I consistently strive to find bands that make unconventional, albeit accessible music, and Adult., wonderfully, does both. The indie rock music realm of late has not been that varied or diverse, leaving it somewhat stale and predictable. Yet Detroit’s Adult. continues to smash the box of rules that currently defines and constrains the great many guitar wielding Pavement tribute acts that emerge daily. Consisting of husband and wife duo Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller, Adult. outshines their past albums, which were infectious and mesmerizing in their own way, due in no small part to Kuperus’s simultaneously haunting, scary and beautiful vocals.

With Why Bother?, the group’s third full-length, Adult. continues pushing the boundaries of electronically-based rock music. “Cultivation” and “You Don’t Worry Enough” fuse together loud, noisy, synthetic beats with a dark, industrial grime. Meaenwhile, on the flip side, songs like “R.S.x” and “I Feel Worse When I’m With You” sounds more new wave influenced, but with harder beats added, and at a much faster pace. A particular standout on the album, “I Should Care” I really like, primarily because of the way the lyrics match the beats, intertwining in rhythm magically and seemingly effortlessly.

To end this instructional essay, I leave you with the last step in your transition. Step 5, surrender your will to artists with integrity, original sounds and ideas, and who have the talent and vision to pave the way to revolutionize and break through. Which brings me back to step 4, direct your attention to Adult.

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Adult. - Why Bother?

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