Beauty Pill announces Chris Shaw Dolby Atmos remix of Describes Things As They Are

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Beauty Pill Describes Things Atmos edition

Beauty Pill has announced a new limited edition Chris Shaw Dolby Atmos version of their 2015 album Describes Things As They Are. The album is a high resolution Dolby Atmos remix by Chris Shaw (Bob Dylan, A Tribe Called Quest), and is limited to an edition of 500 via the Foundation platform. It features new “digital gatefold” artwork, and is being sold to help pay expenses from Chad Clark’s life-saving heart transplant surgery last year. Find the limited edition album here.

Clark said in a statement:

I had an emergency heart transplant surgery last year that cost two million dollars. This expense was defrayed somewhat by health insurance, but I’m still facing massive medical debt.

My friends often suggest I start a Gofundme. I’m reluctant to do that. I’m a creative person, I’d prefer to raise money by using the resources I have. I’d rather offer people something of value.

On April 14th, Beauty Pill will release a special, high-resolution Dolby Atmos remix of Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are as a limited edition digital exclusive on the Foundation platform. We commissioned Grammy-winning producer Chris Shaw to remix the album in this new surround format.

Chris is best known for his work with Bob Dylan for the last 25 years. But he also has an extensive and varied history in seminal NYC hip hop (Tribe Called Quest and Public Enemy). It is this breadth of aesthetic that attracted us.

This new edition also includes a special visual collaboration between graphic designers Brian Grunert and Nora McKelvey. Together they constructed a new, interactive “digital gatefold,” integrating their original designs with new art. This is the first time that Nora and Brian have collaborated directly.

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