Album Reviews

Menomena : I Am the Fun Blame Monster

No no, you’re thinking of “Mana Mana”

Clearlake : Cedars

Another British band gets album of the week. What is a critic to do?

Ryan Adams : RockNRoll

You like Ryan Adams and you know it.

Coldplay : Live 2003

Dude really should change his name to “The Cusp.”

Decibully : City of Festivals

Ex-Promise Ring and Camden members out-do their former bands.

The Rapture : Echoes

Wow. A hipster band that is as good as people say they are.

Shins : Chutes Too Narrow

No experimentation here, just a classic, timeless pop album.

The Dirtbombs : Dangerous Magical Noise

The more you listen to this album, the cooler you get.

Death Cab for Cutie : Transatlanticism

Fourth album by Bellingham indie-rockers is a masterpiece.

Bebel Gilberto : Tanto Tempo

A great mood-setting album

Cyann & Ben : Spring

Keep your labels away from their art.

Beulah : Yoko

Beulah’s fourth album pushes them into epic status.

Rufus Wainwright : Want One

Seriously, what’s with the suit of armor?

Constantines : Shine A Light

Blame Canada…for cranking out some awesome music.

Kill Me Tomorrow : Skin’s Getting Weird

Oh, it’s already gotten weird.

Broadcast - haha Sound review

Broadcast : haha Sound

Third album by Birmingham trio reveals dreamier sound.