Album Reviews

!!! : Me and Giuliani (Down by the Schoolyard) EP

Making it safe for white boys to dance.

Eyedea and Abilities : EA

Now there’s a hip-hop album for everyone.

Jonny Greenwood : Bodysong

Philip Glass yells, “That’s my gig!”

Iron & Wine : Our Endless Numbered Days

Does Florida really count as “The South”?

Rosie Thomas : Only With Laughter Can You Win

Girlie folk album leaves something to be desired.

Sufjan Stevens : Seven Swans

Religion and music can be a good thing

Destroyer : Your Blues

Dan Bejar is a one man orchestra.

best indie rock albums of the 00s Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand : Franz Ferdinand

The shot that started the war on bland retro-pop.

Electrelane : The Power Out

Brighton band adds vocals and Albini to space-pop mixture.

Unicorns : Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?

What’s all this Canadian stuff aboot?

Ani DiFranco : Educated Guess

Why does our favorite indie folkster feel so alone?

Stereolab : Margerine Eclipse

What better way to ring in the new year than a new Stereolab album?

Menomena : I Am the Fun Blame Monster

No no, you’re thinking of “Mana Mana”

Clearlake : Cedars

Another British band gets album of the week. What is a critic to do?

Decibully : City of Festivals

Ex-Promise Ring and Camden members out-do their former bands.