Inter Arma interview 2019

The Art of Anguish: An interview with Inter Arma

The Richmond metal band talks politics, mental health and going death metal.

Brutus interview 2019

Inner Circle: A conversation with Brutus

The Belgian trio discusses their closest allies, the therapeutic nature of music, and the need to sing along.

Emma Ruth Rundle interview 2019

The Duality Of Art And The Artist: An Interview With Emma Ruth Rundle

The singer/songwriter discusses her latest album, discomfort in performing and being a product of the ’90s.

Devil Master interview

The Triumph of Satan: An interview with Devil Master

The band talks magic, Satan and being free from pigeonholes.

Hell interview

Moving Forward in a World of Anxiety: A conversation with Hell

A chat with M.S.W., the mastermind behind the doom-sludge outfit.

Spirit of the Beehive interview

Count My Sheep: An interview with Spirit of the Beehive

A chat with the Philadelphia shoegazers about their new album, being a “visual band” and supporting under the radar artists.

Cherry Glazerr interview

Making a Statement: An interview with Cherry Glazerr

A conversation with Clementine Creevy about starting over, getting topical and growing up.

Dave Aju interview

Enjoy Your Stay: An interview with Dave Aju

The San Francisco/L.A.-based producer discusses the craziness of the moment, voracious listening and Bay Area burritos.

Silent Servant interview

Optimistic Decay: A conversation with Silent Servant

The LA-based producer discusses his home city, dark moods and dance music.

Randall Dunn debut album

Honesty in Sound: A conversation with Randall Dunn

The producer/songwriter discusses his new album, capturing imperfections and leaving one’s comfort zone.

Foxtrott interview

Fortress of solitude: An interview with FOXTROTT

The Montreal artist discusses her new album, Oaxaca and escaping from email.

DJ Amir Abdullah interview

A conversation with DJ Amir Abdullah about newly unearthed Charles Mingus recordings

Ahead of the release of a rare Mingus recording, Abdullah discusses the jazz legend’s legacy and the discovery of the tapes.

Mothers interview 2018

Moving objects: A conversation with Mothers

Kristine Leschper discusses visual art, poetry, staying healthy as a touring musician and more.

Thou 2018 interview

Behind the Mask: The transcendent dualities of Thou

A discussion with the Louisiana metal band about their new quartet of releases and the need for constant motivation.

Khemmis interview

Strength to Carry On: An interview with Khemmis

Ben Hutcherson discusses the therapeutic qualities of music, sounding “evil” and darkness in the world today.

Out of the ether: The shared experience of Yob

Mike Scheidt discusses creating a sense of community, the healing qualities of music and new album Our Raw Heart.

Fotocrime interview

Raw nerve: An interview with Fotocrime

Ryan Patterson discusses metal, tenderness and toxic masculinity.

Bambara interview 2018

No Escape: An interview with Bambara

Shadows, hometowns and fighting your own instruments come up in our conversation with the band.

Palm interview 2018

Space out and see things: A conversation with Palm

Eve Alpert discusses the group’s synesthetic sound, t-shirts and foreign exchange students.

The Soft Moon interview

Something Inside: A conversation with The Soft Moon

An interview with Luis Vasquez about new album Criminal, darkness and wanderlust.