Foxtrott interview

Fortress of solitude: An interview with FOXTROTT

The Montreal artist discusses her new album, Oaxaca and escaping from email.

DJ Amir Abdullah interview

A conversation with DJ Amir Abdullah about newly unearthed Charles Mingus recordings

Ahead of the release of a rare Mingus recording, Abdullah discusses the jazz legend’s legacy and the discovery of the tapes.

Mothers interview 2018

Moving objects: A conversation with Mothers

Kristine Leschper discusses visual art, poetry, staying healthy as a touring musician and more.

Thou 2018 interview

Behind the Mask: The transcendent dualities of Thou

A discussion with the Louisiana metal band about their new quartet of releases and the need for constant motivation.

Khemmis interview

Strength to Carry On: An interview with Khemmis

Ben Hutcherson discusses the therapeutic qualities of music, sounding “evil” and darkness in the world today.

Out of the ether: The shared experience of Yob

Mike Scheidt discusses creating a sense of community, the healing qualities of music and new album Our Raw Heart.

Fotocrime interview

Raw nerve: An interview with Fotocrime

Ryan Patterson discusses metal, tenderness and toxic masculinity.

Bambara interview 2018

No Escape: An interview with Bambara

Shadows, hometowns and fighting your own instruments come up in our conversation with the band.

Palm interview 2018

Space out and see things: A conversation with Palm

Eve Alpert discusses the group’s synesthetic sound, t-shirts and foreign exchange students.

The Soft Moon interview

Something Inside: A conversation with The Soft Moon

An interview with Luis Vasquez about new album Criminal, darkness and wanderlust.

Tennis interview

A Simple Way of Living: An interview with Tennis

A discussion about sailing, self-care and the perfect blend of happy and sad.

Blis. interview

Release the unexpected: An interview with Blis.

The Atlanta band fought their way into a scene that wasn’t ready for them. Now they’re dominating it.

Destroyer interview

Treating depravity: A conversation with Destroyer’s Dan Bejar

The Vancouver singer/songwriter delves deep into new album ken, nostalgia and cryptic naming practices.

Omni interview

A fun, surreal time: An interview with Omni

The Atlanta band discusses their new album, Billy Idol and James Bond.

Cloakroom interview

Wisp of Reality: A conversation with Cloakroom

Getting stuck in a time hole, existing in no realms and looking good in Old English.

Gnarwhal interview

Shredding the gnar with Gnarwhal

How two instrumental dynamos came to form something unique and strange.

Kinny Landrum Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks keyboardist Kinny Landrum discusses the show’s musical legacy

A chat with the synthesizer player from the original Twin Peaks soundtrack.

Crown Larks interview

The Absurdity of transcendence: An interview with Crown Larks

A lengthy chat about being transparent about influences, joining a band later in life and culture’s evolution or lack thereof.