Blis. interview

Release the unexpected: An interview with Blis.

The Atlanta band fought their way into a scene that wasn’t ready for them. Now they’re dominating it.

Destroyer interview

Treating depravity: A conversation with Destroyer’s Dan Bejar

The Vancouver singer/songwriter delves deep into new album ken, nostalgia and cryptic naming practices.

Omni interview

A fun, surreal time: An interview with Omni

The Atlanta band discusses their new album, Billy Idol and James Bond.

Cloakroom interview

Wisp of Reality: A conversation with Cloakroom

Getting stuck in a time hole, existing in no realms and looking good in Old English.

Gnarwhal interview

Shredding the gnar with Gnarwhal

How two instrumental dynamos came to form something unique and strange.

Kinny Landrum Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks keyboardist Kinny Landrum discusses the show’s musical legacy

A chat with the synthesizer player from the original Twin Peaks soundtrack.

Crown Larks interview

The Absurdity of transcendence: An interview with Crown Larks

A lengthy chat about being transparent about influences, joining a band later in life and culture’s evolution or lack thereof.

Slowly going upwards: A conversation with Elbow

Elbow guitarist Mark Potter discusses sonic experimentation, a slow ascent and Brexit.

Power Trip interview

Music is a weapon: An interview with Power Trip

Riley Gale discusses politics in metal and fighting your way through a nightmare.

Mark Eitzel interview

A touring band is a beautiful thing: A conversation with Mark Eitzel

Celebrated singer/songwriter discusses his new album, the political climate and his approach to songwriting.

Respire interview

Wasting Light: An interview with Respire

The Toronto black metal/hardcore outfit discusses their dark, emotionally intense work.

X interview

Everything’s Been Done: A conversation with Exene Cervenka of X

Treble talks to the Los Angeles punk legend ahead of their 40th anniversary tour.

Beach Slang interview

The survivor’s advocacy of Beach Slang

James Alex discusses getting knocked down and getting back up again.

Emma Ruth Rundle interview

Alone with yourself: A conversation with Emma Ruth Rundle

The L.A. singer/songwriter discusses personal darkness, self-isolation and catharsis for all.

Mono interview

Reach your hands to heaven: An interview with Mono

We discuss Dante, heartbeats and beautiful music with the Japanese post-rock group.

Spirit Adrift

One guy with one brain: An interview with Spirit Adrift

Arkansas doom-metal artist shares his reverence for the classics and aversion to being called a hipster.

Inter Arma

Transcendental experience: A conversation with Inter Arma

The Richmond metal quintet discuss their complicated place in metal, and aversion to anti-intellectualism.

Kel Valhaal

Chaotic frenzy: A conversation with Kel Valhaal’s Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

Liturgy frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix is no stranger to defying expectations. Following the New York black…