Emma Ruth Rundle interview

Alone with yourself: A conversation with Emma Ruth Rundle

The L.A. singer/songwriter discusses personal darkness, self-isolation and catharsis for all.

Mono interview

Reach your hands to heaven: An interview with Mono

We discuss Dante, heartbeats and beautiful music with the Japanese post-rock group.

Spirit Adrift

One guy with one brain: An interview with Spirit Adrift

Arkansas doom-metal artist shares his reverence for the classics and aversion to being called a hipster.

Inter Arma

Transcendental experience: A conversation with Inter Arma

The Richmond metal quintet discuss their complicated place in metal, and aversion to anti-intellectualism.

Kel Valhaal

Chaotic frenzy: A conversation with Kel Valhaal’s Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

Liturgy frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix is no stranger to defying expectations. Following the New York black…

Mourn Interview

Disparate Youth: An interview with Mourn

Mourn’s hometown of Barcelona isn’t necessarily a post-punk hotspot. Bass-thumping electronic clubs, famed architecture and…

Diarrhea Planet interview

Impossible to Ignore: A conversation with Diarrhea Planet

Despite enjoying greater exposure than ever before and a steadily swelling fanbase, Diarrhea Planet haven’t…

Sumac interview

The facade of control: An interview with Sumac

Aaron Turner has been a member of some of heavy music’s least conventional, most boundary-pushing…

A Dead Forest Index

The Drift: An interview with A Dead Forest Index

The two New Zealand musicians discuss their new LP, globe-trotting and the natural world.

Primal Scream interview

Planned Chaos: A Conversation with Primal Scream

Guitarist Andrew Innes talks new album Chaosmosis, eviction notices and the tameness of mainstream music.

Oranssi Pazuzu interview

Cosmic darkness: An interview with Oranssi Pazuzu

The Finnish black metal band discusses cosmic music, constant change and alien symbiosis.

The Body interview

On the fringes: An interview with The Body

Chip King discusses gross pop, bleak viewpoints and a collaborative approach.

Interview: Shearwater

Jonathan Meiburg discusses Jet Plane and Oxbow, protest music and writing a book.

Deafheaven interview

Like a dream: An interview with Deafheaven

George Clarke discusses the band’s unexpected success and artistic path forward.

Windhand interview

Riffs blazing: An interview with Windhand

Singer Dorthia Cottrell talks about going epic, Richmond metal, and her own solo recordings.


Extinction Agenda: An interview with Locrian

We talk to the Chicago drone metal band about humanity’s extinction, telling a story, and ugly beauty.


Shadow of the Horns: An interview with Lucifer

Johanna Sadonis talks about Lucifer I and the importance of a good song.

Figure Your Life Out: An interview with KEN Mode

Jesse Matthewson talks about new album Success, a career of noise, and keeping a sense of humor.


Gut Feeling: An interview with Metz

The Toronto band’s frontman Alex Edkins talks about the importance of being a live band and staying independent.

Time to Create: An interview with THEESatisfaction

Stas and Cat talk about their new album ‘EarthEE,’ new collaborations and connecting to new communities through art.