Essential Tracks

Exploded View Sleepers Essential track

Exploded View wield beautifully controlled chaos on “Sleepers”

A curious dance between human beauty and machine menace.

Emma Ruth Rundle Darkhorse essential track

Emma Ruth Rundle’s “Darkhorse” is a stormy, powerful dirge

The singer/songwriter attempts to maintain calm within a storm.

sunburned hand of the man pick a day to die review

Cave’s “San Yago” rides a warm groove built on an infectious vibe

The Chicago band blends Afrobeat with Krautrock for something warm and funky.

Blood Orange essential track

Blood Orange expresses a deep longing in “Charcoal Baby”

The first single from Negro Swan is a funky, emotional gem.

Yves Tumor Noid essential track

Yves Tumor’s “Noid” unexpectedly finds inspiration in pop

The avant garde electronic artists delivers a surprise hit.

Thou Rhea Sylvia review

Thou’s “Deepest Sun” is grunge at its most crushing

This Rhea Sylvia highlight is both catchy and gnarly AF.

The Internet essential track

The Internet’s “La Di Da” is an effortlessly feel-good summer jam

Syd’s dancefloor narrative is fun despite the implied acrimony.

Mothers PINK Essential tracks

Mothers’ “PINK” is a crunchy post-punk track that’ll swallow you whole

The new single from Kristine Leschper and company swirls into glitchy oblivion.