Essential Tracks

Sleater-Kinney essential track

Sleater-Kinney’s “Hurry On Home” is another stellar step forward

The first taste of the band’s collaboration with St. Vincent is a winner.

Afrikan Sciences Somconfee Essential Track

Afrikan Sciences levels up on “Somconfee”

A Prince-inspired jam featuring a talking drum.

Big Brave Essential Track

Big|Brave’s “Holding Pattern” turns pain to ecstasy and catharsis

A new highlight from the Montreal band’s powerful upcoming LP.

Faye Webster Right side of my neck essential track

Faye Webster’s “Right Side of My Neck” is a gorgeous, brief statement of longing

A melancholy expression of longing made stronger through a stunning arrangement.

Ryan Porter essential track

Ryan Porter blends R&B groove with symphonic jazz on “Heaven Only Knows”

The Kendrick Lamar and Kamasi Washington collaborator introduces his new record with impeccable groove.

Charly Bliss essential track

Charly Bliss “Hard to Believe” is anguish packed into a power pop sugar high

A frustrating, toxic situation wrapped in one of their catchiest songs.

Jackie Mendoza Mucho Mas essential track

Jackie Mendoza’s “Mucho Más” adds up to much more than the sum of its parts

The California artist’s new single is a song of possibilities.

Pile essential track

Pile rip through two seething minutes of punk on “The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller”

Trump’s senior advisor gets a dressing down in this two-minute ripper.

Spirit Adrift Tortured by Time essential track

Spirit Adrift’s “Tortured by Time” is heroic, heavy metal majesty

The Arizona heavy metal band’s latest track is a soaring, riff-laden waltz.

The Pendletons Essential Track

The Pendletons’ “You Do You” is a charismatic funk stepper

A guaranteed dance floor jam from the Bay Area duo.

DJ Jenifa essential track

DJ Jenifa’s “WhoCares808_7B” is meditative, blistering house

Gold Panda delivers a boogie-worthy gem through his alias.

Baroness Essential Track Borderlines

Baroness continue their progressive arc on “Borderlines”

Another big step forward from a band that never sits still.

Rakta Essential Track

Rakta’s “Flor da Pele” is a psychedelic goth nightmare

The Brazilian post-punk band runs wild with dark psychedelia.

Deafheaven Black Brick

Deafheaven get a little dirtier on “Black Brick”

There’s more metal, more riffs, more gnarl.

The Bongo Hop essential track

The Bongo Hop’s “La Carga” turns a strange tale into something funky

Hear the latest Afrobeat-inspired jam from Etienne Sevet.

Big Thief take a mature leap on new single “UFOF”

The first single from the band’s new album is a futuristic art pop gem.

Wand new album 2019 Laughing Matter

Wand grow more cerebral and intricate on “Thin Air”

A more cerebral and intricate version of Wand.

Laurel Halo Sweetie Essential track

Laurel Halo’s “Sweetie” is noisy, experimental and cerebral

The Berlin-based producer’s latest track showcases her inventor’s curiosity.

Inter Arma new album Sulphur English

Inter Arma’s “Citadel” is a sprawling and massive metal epic

The Richmond, Virginia band returns with a powerful new dose of thunder.