Essential Tracks

P.E. Top Ticket Essential Track

P.E.’s “Top Ticket” is urgent, unnerving, abrasive and dark

The new outfit from Veronica Torres (ex-Pill) dials up the intensity.

Stalley All So New

Stalley’s “A Main” is hip-hop that radiates soul

The latest heater from the former Maybach Music emcee.

Kerrie Essential Track

Kerrie’s “Before Calm” is hard-as-nails techno that’s extra funky

The title track from the Irish producer’s new EP GOES.

Thank Two Hour Lunch essential track

Thank’s “Two Hour Lunch” is a manic scream in the face of modern malaise

The Leeds band work through some therapy the loudest way they possibly can.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds new album Ghosteen announced

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ “Hollywood” is a masterful meditation on loss

The longest and most ominous track from Cave’s latest is one of his most stunning compositions to date.

Béret’s “White Hole” is a cutting punk anthem

A reflective highlight from the Seattle artist’s new album.

Danny Brown new album uknowhatimsayin

Danny Brown reminisces over a warm, organic beat on “Best Life”

The latest single from uknowhatimsayin¿ has a bright and earthy vibe about it.

The Hecks Essential Track

The Hecks’ “My Star” is a dancepunk earworm

The Chicago band are leaner, muscular and revved up.

rRoxymore Essential Track

rRoxymore’s “Passages” is a future-dub wobbler

The first single from the producer’s upcoming debut album is pure dystopian funk.

Moor Mother new album 2019

Moor Mother’s “After Images” is an empowering march for the darkest times

The Philadelphia artist pulls the bottom out from the comfortable and apathetic.

Angel Olsen new album 2019

Angel Olsen’s “All Mirrors” is elaborate, dramatic pop

The singer/songwriter introduces her new album in a lush, stunning manner.

Pharmakon self-regulating system

Pharmakon finds a new rhythm on “Self-Regulating System”

The closest Pharmakon’s come to a certifiable banger.

Jay Som new album Anak Ko

Jay Som’s “Superbike” is a return to her stunning, climactic indie sound

A daytrip vibe from California singer/songwriter Melinda Duterte.

Sleater-Kinney essential track

Sleater-Kinney’s “Hurry On Home” is another stellar step forward

The first taste of the band’s collaboration with St. Vincent is a winner.

Afrikan Sciences Somconfee Essential Track

Afrikan Sciences levels up on “Somconfee”

A Prince-inspired jam featuring a talking drum.

Big Brave Essential Track

Big|Brave’s “Holding Pattern” turns pain to ecstasy and catharsis

A new highlight from the Montreal band’s powerful upcoming LP.

Faye Webster Right side of my neck essential track

Faye Webster’s “Right Side of My Neck” is a gorgeous, brief statement of longing

A melancholy expression of longing made stronger through a stunning arrangement.