Circuit des Yeux soundtracks a beautiful apocalypse on “Vanishing”

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circuit des yeux vanishing

Few artists are better equipped to score an apocalyptic event than Circuit des Yeux‘s Haley Fohr. She has a stunning vocal range and can evoke great power through those particular talents, but there’s a darkly beautiful quality to her songwriting that seems to render harrowing feelings in hauntingly cinematic forms. She has the uncanny ability to make darkness and doom sound downright breathtaking.

With her powerful new orchestral art-pop single “Vanishing,” it’s also melodic and immediate, delivering an endtimes climate-change warning though some of the sharpest hooks she’s fashioned to date. The third single from her upcoming album -io is equal parts PJ Harvey and late period Scott Walker, with stoic stabs of strings underscoring her chilling visions: “Fading, falling, melting, sinking—disappear!” As the first proper song on the album, it’s an overwhelming introduction to her sonic world—but it’s only the beginning of the journey.

From -io, out October 22 via Matador.

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