Hear Dalhous go darkly cinematic on “Scope”

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On April 30, Dalhous will release their new album, The Composite Moods Collection No. 2: Point Blank Range, via Denovali. The new album follows up its 2016 predecessor, House Number 44, with a series of electronic pieces that explore uncomfortable, otherworldly sonic terrain that nods to German and Italian horror soundtrack work from the ’70s and ’80s.

Today, they’ve shared a new track from the album, “Scope,” which carries an ominous, oozing darkness that’s both cinematic and cacophonous. It feels connected to a legacy of electronic music that’s tied to both John Carpenter and vintage industrial, and there’s a curious beauty even amid the menace. Though it begins with a crash, it slowly settles and eases into a misty sequence of ambience. It’s haunting and mesmerizing, and you can hear it below, along with a trailer for the album.

Dalhous The Composite Moods Collection No. 2: Point Blank Range tracklist:

  1. Transcievers
  2. A Mould Beyond Perception
  3. False Fusion
  4. The Bird Of Paradise
  5. Everything Is Bleeding
  6. Self-Mutilation
  7. Phantasies From The Schema
  8. Scope
  9. Hallucinatory Violence
  10. Grotesque. Empty. Spaces
  11. Open As A Glade Unfolding
  12. Emersion
  13. Intramuscular Administration
  14. Locked Within Herself
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