Darkthrone announce the release of Goatlord: Original

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Darkthrone Goatlord original

Darkthrone are returning with a new album. Less than a year after the group’s 2022 album Eternal Fortress, the black metal legends have announced Goatlord: Original, which will be released February 10 via Peaceville. Technically not a set of new songs, Goatlord was intended to be the band’s second album back in the early ’90s, but they shelved the recordings after moving away from their early death metal sound. While an updated version of the album was released in 1996 with newly recorded vocals, this is the original instrumental version of the album, released without the new vocals. Check out the tracklist below.

Darkthrone Goatlord: Original tracklist:

1. Phantasm [04:09]
2. Hearses [02:46]
3. Possessed [04:37]
4. Below [04:03]
5. Blasphemer [04:56]
6. Rise [03:55]
7. Eclipse [03:51]
8. Wings [03:50]
9. Wolf [03:47]
10. A Blaze In The Northern Sky [04:48]
11. Trident [04:06]

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