Big Brave new album Vital

Big | Brave announce new album, VITAL

Hear new track “Half Breed”

Gravesend methods of human disposal review

Gravesend : Methods of Human Disposal

A grimy grindcore debut that captures the filth of New York’s darkside.

Gojira new album Fortitude

Gojira announces new album, FORTITUDE

Hear new single “Born for One Thing.”

Emptiness Vide review

Emptiness : Vide

The Belgian metal group dive deeper into goth and industrial textures on their latest

Ruins of Beverast Thule Grimoires review

The Ruins of Beverast : The Thule Grimoires

Alexander von Meilenwald’s latest under the Beverast mantle leans heavy on goth and post-punk aesthetics.

USA/Mexico Del Rio review

USA/Mexico : Del Rio

The Austin duo delivers an intense barrage of noise rock.

The Armed All Futures essential track

The Armed’s “All Futures” is giddy hardcore overload

A hypercaffeinated burst of infectious hardcore.

The Armed new album ULTRAPOP

The Armed announce new album, ULTRAPOP

Hear first single “All Futures.”

Cult of Luna Raging River review

Cult of Luna : The Raging River

The Swedish post-metal titans’ new EP is like a heavy form of therapy.

Divide and Dissolve Gas Lit review

Divide and Dissolve : Gas Lit

The Australian duo create a heavy, cinematic experience on their latest full-length.

Portrayal of guilt new album 2021

Stream the new Portrayal of Guilt album, We Are Always Alone

Hear the band’s new album in full, three days before it’s out.

Emptiness Vide review

The Body : I’ve Seen All I Need to See

The sludge metal duo dives headfirst into blistering landscapes of noise

Ruins of Beverast Thule Grimoires review

Tribulation – Where the Gloom Becomes Sound

The Swedish gothic metal greats take a step into a bigger arena on their fifth album.

Gatecreeper An Unexpected Reality review

Gatecreeper : An Unexpected Reality

The Arizona death metal band returns with 19 minutes of intensity

Panopticon metal redfining heavy

Shadow of the Horns: Redefining Heavy

It’s time to rethink what metal is and can be—plus the best metal tracks of the month

Emma Ruth Rundle Thou Helm of Sorrow

Hear the new Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou EP, The Helm of Sorrow

Hear the companion EP to last year’s ‘May Our Chambers Be Full’

Here Lies Man Ritual Divination review

Here Lies Man : Ritual Divination

Chico Mann’s stoner-Afrobeat outfit explores more drone-based spaces on the band’s latest.