David Bowie’s Earthling-era live album LiveandWell.com comes to streaming

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A David Bowie live album, recorded during his Earthling tour, is being released on streaming services for the first time on May 15. LiveandWell.com was originally released in 2000 via BowieNet, David Bowie’s ’90s-era ISP, which was also a fan club and an early form of social media. The album features performances from shows in New York City, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, and the Phoenix Festival in the UK. The new release of the live album will also include two songs that weren’t on the original release, “Pallas Athena” and “V-2 Schneider.” Check out the tracklist below and hear the live version of “Little Wonder” from the album.

David Bowie LiveandWell.com tracklist:

“I’m Afraid of Americans” (Radio City Music Hall New York, October 15, 1997)
“The Hearts Filthy Lesson” (Long Marston, Phoenix Festival, July 18, 1997)
“I’m Deranged”(Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
“Hallo Spaceboy” (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, November 2, 1997)
“Telling Lies” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
“The Motel” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
“The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)” (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, November 2 , 1997)
“Battle for Britain (The Letter)” (Radio City Music Hall New York, October 15, 1997
“Seven Years in Tibet” (Radio City Music Hall New York, October 15, 1997)
“Little Wonder” (Radio City Music Hall New York, October 15, 1997)
“Pallas Athena” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
“V-2 Schneider” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)

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