Devon Williams’ “A Tear in the Fabric” is internal struggle via blissful power pop

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On May 1, singer/songwriter Devon Williams releases his first album in six years, A Tear in the Fabric, via Slumberland. And today he’s shared the title track from the album, a pristine and shimmering bit of power pop made rich and lusher through pedal steel, Hammond organ and a big studio pop sound. There’s a touch of canyon twang to the song, and more than a little Big Star and Byrds in his jangle, yet with a new wave sensibility that nods to Marshall Crenshaw and Lloyd Cole.

Williams says in a statement about the track, “In domestic bliss, there are times when you start to wonder who you really are. At a certain age, I think you start to feel more mortal, and you hold a little tighter to parts of yourself that are a little more difficult to reconcile. So, you’re basically trying to keep a part of you alive that should be dead. So, you may feel stuck. So ‘A Tear in the Fabric’ says we can change, we can stay the same, or maybe we can just do both. And at the end of ‘A Tear in the Fabric’ is a sample of the Clifford T. Ward song ‘No More Rock N’ Roll.’ He’s the best at taking the everyday and commonplace and making it remarkable and romantic. (Here’s a playlist of 10 great Clifford T. Ward songs.)”

Hear the Devon Williams “A Tear in the Fabric” stream below.

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