Have a Nice Life cover Low’s “When I Go Deaf”

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Have a Nice Life

Late last year, The Flenser announced it was releasing a tribute to Low, titled Your Voice Is Not Enough. Previously, Allison Lorenzen shared her cover of “Words,” which was followed by Drowse’s take on “Hey Chicago” and Planning for Burial’s cover of “Murderer.” Today, cult post-punk group Have a Nice Life have released their own cover of “When I Go Deaf,” which is their first new recorded music in over four years. Hear it below.

The band’s Tim Macuga said in a statement, “I joined an America Online mixtape exchange as a teenager when my mom first got us internet. The older gentleman I was paired with sent a tape I still have with mostly tunes by Low, Swans, and Godspeed. I sent him 40 youth crew hardcore tracks and I think he was bummed.”

Have a Nice Life’s last album was 2019’s Sea of Worry. Also, read our list of 12 Essential The Flenser Albums.

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