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After listening to Dust Galaxy, it seems that a very formative influence upon the band was the sine wave. The music on this album oscillates with the spinning disc, high and low, sharp and washed out, in the speakers, and in your head, all the while keeping itself regular with the percussive cross of the x-axis, drums marking the unchanging rhythm of 0, , 2 . . .

Because of this the music stays grounded in certain frequencies, keeping calm, keeping cool, never reaching the point of freakout. The Indian instrumentation on the album adapts itself to the western wave, repeating sitar riffs like a guitar melodies, repeating with the percussion, repeating, oscillating . . .

Any irregularities in the album become regularities at some point. One only needs time for the wave to propagate and repeat itself, because it will surely dip down as low, jump as high, making even the highest shriek just another point in the groove.

Some might think that this music is limiting, as every piece of music is contained in the groove of the album, unable, or maybe unwilling to let to music scream out of its barriers, break the impermeable f(x) = sin(x), one might also ask how something so simple as unaffected drums and guitar can find its way out of the garage. Dust Galaxy takes the basic ingredients of American music and brings them to a sophistication and formality that they otherwise might not be privy to. Here they mingle with the sitar and exotic percussion, reaching garage rock to the high lit fluorescent limelight, and down to the basics, stripped to the acoustics, then high again, low: high and low.

Dust Galaxy reaches the highs and lows, bringing both extremes and all between into the fold, the music rising and falling under itself, continually rising, falling, beyond convention, reaching to sine wave convection.

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