Early Day Miners : Offshore

There were a herd of us all prepared to wander the grazing lands of the entire country, roaming almost aimlessly. We crammed ourselves into the van, throwing ourselves in like cargo, but careful to make sure we didn’t break anything in our bags, and before we could even kiss our bruises to make them all better, we were off, going where the wheels turned.

At the start, everyone was still up and aware and time traveled slower than we were. Conversations were in at least a constant stream, allowing time to catch up with us a little bit, but still it moved no faster than we were going, and things were just normal. After a while, subjects about which to talk were dwindling down until we were merely exchanging breaths that would be drowned out by the noise of air conditioning and slight millions of bumps of the road thumping the tires. Now the only noises were the chatter of thoughts that screamed loud from the Mount Everest of each of our brains, but couldn’t even be heard to even thought to exist in the London, Paris, or New York of anyone else’s brain.

Time wasn’t moving normal anymore, and it wasn’t moving faster or slower either. Time skipped, or galloped, or crawled, or flew, or whatever it’s legs or wings wanted to do at that moment, but the space we observed outside of the van kept moving steady creating a delightful incongruence that we simply accepted as normal like butter on waffles. We would be in Hoboken, gazing into the concrete skyline of New York, and our journey cross the country would be so gradual that we would barely notice the fact that the skyscrapers had turned into cornstalks two feet from the window in the middle of Indiana. We never knew what happened in between, how we got to where we were, but we knew we had come a long way.

Eventually someone would make a peep and say that they had to use the bathroom, and suddenly we knew that this trip like water droplet that eroded a river was going to at least come to a pause, and the mysterious growth that found us where we were, but couldn’t tell us where we came from, would stop. We got out and stepped onto the ground at the rest stop, and time slowed again, reaching a normal walking pace so that we could all go take the longest pee we ever pissed.

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