Electronic composer Pauline Anna Strom’s early albums to be reissued

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Pauline Anna Strom box set

RVNG Intl. has announced a series of reissues of albums by the late electronic composer Pauline Anna Strom. The 4xLP box set Echoes, Spaces, Lines will be released on November 10, and features her first three albums, Trans-Millenia ConsortPlot Zero, and Spectre. It also features Oceans of Tears, a previously unreleased but fully realized set of music that’s being released exclusively with the box set. Check out “Quiet Joy,” below, with visuals directed/created by cabbibo and Posy Dixon.

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Pauline Anna Strom Echoes, Spaces, Lines tracklist:

Trans-Millenia Consort
1. Emerald Pool 
2. The Unveiling 
3. Cult of Isis 
4. Phantom Dancer
5. Energies
6. Century C 
7. Morning Splendor 
8. Gossamer Silk

1. Mushroom Trip
2. Freebasing 
3. Symphonic Industry 
4. Organized Confusion 
5. Plot Zero

1. Tenement Stairwell
2. Spatial Spectre 
3. Blood Thirst 
4. Virgin Ice 
5. Blood Celebrants 
6. Freedom at the 45th Floor 
7. Alpine Flight

Oceans of Tears
1. Ancient Sea Ritual
2. Quiet Joy 
3. Domestic Peace
4. Summer Rain
5. Midnight Velvet 
6. At the Water Stairs 
7. Timeless Grief (Extended Version) 

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