Fever Ray releases new video for “Even It Out”

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Fever Ray

Today, Fever Ray release their third album, Radical Romantics, via Rabid/Mute. We named it our Album of the Week, and in our review of the album, we said, “even with the brightest pop moments somewhat more muted, and with the explosive industrial beats pared back, Radical Romantics is frequently stunning.” Today, Fever Ray releases another new video from the album, for “Even It Out,” which was co-produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails. The clip was written and directed by Martin Falck, and draws influence from Divine’s performance in John Waters’ Female Trouble.

The song was written as a warning for someone who bullied their child. “‘This is for Zacharias / Who bullied my kid in high school / There’s no room for you / And we know where you live.’ …it’s an odd subject for a pop song by a 47-year-old, but the result is thrilling.” Check out the video below.

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