French Kicks : Trial of the Century

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Just yesterday, I saw the French Kicks put on a show in my hometown. The venue was small and intimate, pulling in about 55 people, all of which were eager to see the French Kicks bring their groovin’ rock sound to the stage. The band and their roadie set up their equipment, sound check the microphones and instruments. Ready to play on the four-inch high stage, the band kicks off with “One More Time,” the opening track off their new record The Trial Of The Century.

The crowd goes berserk, chanting along with the good time vibe. “One More Time” is one of the few songs on the album that are poppy-catchy-happy-feelgood. “One More Time,” “You Could Not Decide” and “Yes I Guess” are some of the more upbeat songs on the album, otherwise, it’s a more mellow monotone arrangement of songs.

When Trial of the Century is at its peppiest, it sounds a lot like The Postal Service’s Give Up — same synthetic drum beats, ringing guitars and dreamy vocals. But the whole album is not all like this. There is a softer side to The French Kicsk. Its the kind of album you’d likely be listening to if you were trapped sitting inside a hotel lobby. Whether you’re watching or waiting, this album is best listened to when sitting, when one can enjoy the beats and the lyrics and collect one’s own thoughts.

Unfortunately, my friends were tired from staying up too late the night before. So about 45 minutes into the show, we left and I never had the opportunity to hear the full set. But I did, however, hear all my favorite songs from One Time Bells as well as the the new one from Trial Of The Century.

If French Kicks are playing in a town near you, see them. They put on a great show. And a girl that was standing right next to me told me that the keyboardist was wearing no underwear. I didn’t ask her why or how she knew this. But, perhaps, you could be so lucky to see the keyboardist playing in all his glory in your hometown.

photo by Ayn Averett

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