Early versions of Gary Numan’s Replicas and The Pleasure Principle to be released

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Gary Numan first recordings reissues

Two classic Gary Numan albums, The Pleasure Principle and Tubeway Army’s Replicas, turn 40 this year. And for the anniversary of both albums, Beggars Arkive will be releasing archival versions of both albums featuring early versions of the tracks on both of them. They’ll be out October 25 on 2xCD as well as sage green (Replicas) and orange (Pleasure Principle) vinyl editions. Take a look at the tracklists for both releases below.

Tubeway Army Replicas: The First Recordings tracklist:


1. You Are In My Vision (early version)
2. The Machmen (early version)
3. Down In The Park (early version)
4. Do You Need The Service? (early version)
5. The Crazies
6. When The Machines Rock (early version)
7. Me! I Disconnect From You
(early version)
8. Praying To The Aliens (early version)
9. It Must Have Been Years (early version)
10. Only A Downstat
11. I Nearly Married A Human 3 (early version)
12. Replicas (early version)
13. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (early version)


1. Replicas (early version 2)
2. Down In The Park (early version 2)
3. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (early version 2)
4. We Have A Technical
5. Replicas (early version 3)
6. Me! I Disconnect From You (BBC Peel session)
7. Down In The Park (BBC Peel session)
8. I Nearly Married a Human (BBC Peel session)

Gary Numan The Pleasure Principle: The First Recordings tracklist:

1. Cars (demo version 2)
2. Films (demo version)
3. Complex (demo version)
4. Random (remastered 2009)
5. M.E. (demo version)
6. Conversation (demo version 2)
7. Tracks (demo version) * previously unreleased
8. Cars (demo version 1) * previously unreleased
9. Metal (demo version)
10. Airlane (demo version)
11. Trois Gymnopédies No.1 (demo version)
12. Observer (demo version)
13. Conversation (demo version 1)
14. Engineers (demo version)
15. Asylum (remastered 2009
16. Oceans (remastered 2009)
17. Photograph (remastered 2009)


1. Airlane (BBC Peel session)
2. Cars (BBC Peel session)
3. Films (BBC Peel session)
4. Conversation (BBC Peel session)
5. Tracks (outtake mix)
6. Complex (outtake mix) * previously unreleased
7. M.E. (outtake mix)
8. Engineers (outtake mix) * previously unreleased
9. Airlane (outtake mix) * previously unreleased
10.Cars (outtake mix) * previously unreleased

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