Watch the video for the haunting new Gavial song, “Circles Pt. 1”

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On May 19, German psychedelic rock outfit Gavial will release their new album VOR via Exile on Mainstream. And today, the band have shared a new video for the song “Circles Pt. 1,” which was filmed and edited by vocalist/guitarist Benjamin Butter. The clip features home movies rendered through uncanny digital filters, while the song itself is an atmospheric and melancholy meditation on trauma. It’s sparse, beautiful and elegiac, carrying more than a trace of peak Pink Floyd in its haunting melody and Mark Lanegan in its bluesy mysticism.

Butter said in a statement, “The song deals with loss and trauma passed down from generation to generation and the video tries to convey a sense of awkward intimacy, which can often be felt during family interactions. On the one hand, the video features classic family footage shot by a hand camera. The additional use of an up-scaling algorithm, on the other hand, turns the people and objects in these shots from something familiar into something painterly and uncanny. The result of this clash of technological generations is an oppressive and gloomy atmosphere that fittingly describes the contrasting views on reality between young and old in these modern times.”

Watch the clip for Gavial’s “Circles Pt. 1” below.

Gavial VOR tracklist:

1. Circles, Part 1
2. Modern Times
3. Collector
4. Bridges
5. Circles Part 2
6. Wheels
7. Passing
8. Famethrower

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