Hear Ceiling Spirits’ dense, hypnotic new single “Ultraquiet”

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Ceiling Spirits Ultraquiet stream

Ceiling Spirits, a.k.a. Milwaukee producer Mario Quadracci, has shared a new single from his upcoming second album, ALPHA HELIX (release due in 2021). It’s titled “Ultraquiet,” and it’s a hypnotic, dense, droning ambient track in the vein of Tim Hecker or even M83’s non-pop material. It’s distorted and richly layered, with a compelling serenity about it beneath its various layers. It’s gorgeous, yet harbors something sinister.

Quadracci says in a statement, “The track explores the excesses of calm, the tyranny of tranquility, the abandoned space of usual happenings… Guitar and modular analog synth create a sonic geometry that both evolves in scale and abruptly shifts in conformation.”

Listen to the Ceiling Spirits “Ultraquiet” stream below.

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