Hear four new tracks on the Zum Audio Vol. 4, from Barbican Estate, Somnambulists, Cube and Carrom

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Zum Audio Vol 4

On November 5, Los Angeles-based label Zum will release Zum Audio Vol. 4, the fourth installment of a series of compilations of experimental and underground music that began back in the ’90s, the first installment of which included June of 44, Lullaby for the Working Class and Boyracer. Zum Audio Vol. 4 is an even more sprawling collection of songs, featuring entries from Xiu Xiu, Hella’s Zach Hill, Pod Blotz and Necking.

Today, Treble is premiering four new tracks from the compilation. Japan’s Barbican Estate offers “Abandon,” a hypnotic psychedelic rock drone, tense but richly layered, with overlapping backward vocal effects, hazy dream pop guitar and a hallucinatory feeling overall, coming off a bit like Cocteau Twins blended with Bardo Pond. Somnambulists‘ “Discordances” is a distorted ambient drone piece from the Brooklyn duo, gorgeously serene but noisy in the gentlest sense, like Grouper at her most abstract. Cube‘s “Carpet ESP” is a turn into a different direction, with pulsing IDM beats and eerie synth tones echoing through vacant space, the New York producer’s overall effect something like that of a lo-fi take on early Warp Records tracks. And Carrom‘s “Number 4 (A.T.S.T.S.),” a cover of fIREHOSE’s “Another Theory Shot To Shit,” finds the Canadian group bringing back the guitars with a blazing psychedelic rock track that juxtaposes a catchy guitar jangle with furious drums and moments of meditative respite.

Hear all four tracks below.

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