Hear the new darkwave single from Material World, “Salvation, Damnation”

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Material World

Houston, Texas artist Christian Larson of Night Cobra and Necrofier has launched a new darkwave/goth project, Material World, which will release their debut EP this month. Today, they’ve shared the first single, “Salvation, Damnation,” which is a pulsing and brooding darkwave track featuring dancefloor-friendly rhythms and stark, gloomy atmosphere, reminiscent of early Sisters of Mercy, She Past Away, The Soft Moon and Kaelan Mikla. It’s perfectly ice-cold music for a haunted winter.

Larson said in a statement, “Material World is about dealing with the physical world we live in, struggling to pass through material possessions and the mindless chatter and to be free. It’s an internal struggle I deal with, but the world is only getting worse, so the struggle won’t ever go away. Somber post punk that leaves your soul wanting to be free on the physical world we are all trapped in. 

“This project is all recorded and mixed myself. I’ve been into this style of music for a long time. Lords of the New Church was probably my first intro to this vein of music when i was in my teens. I didn’t even know what it was then, but I knew I liked it. I’ve always wanted to do something but I’m always busy with other projects so finally this is going to see the dark of night. Some artists that possibly, subconsciously helped me formulate the Material World sound include Sisters of Mercy, the afrorementioned Lords of the New Church, Twin Tribes, The Wraith, Beastmilk,  and Boy Harsher. Between my other projects and the festival that I run, I don’t have a ton of free time so no plans for live shows in the foreseeable future but let’s see where the night winds take us.”

Hear “Salvation, Damnation” below.

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