Hear ThunderStars’ dense and dreamy new album, Number Stations

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On Friday, January 10, Austin-based shoegaze/dream pop outfit ThunderStars release their new album, Number Stations, via Mariel Recording Company. The band features ex-members of Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, with a name coined by drummer Sven Bjorkman’s daughter during a hospital visit. The group’s sound is dreamy and psychedelic, blending the blissful drift of Slowdive with the more spacious elements of Low and the shimmering euphoria of Cocteau Twins, which earned them some airplay on DKFM shoegaze radio early on. Their new album runs the gamut from driving, post-punk influenced numbers to more open dirges and daydreams. It’s a gorgeously engaging way to begin a year of music, and you can stream the entire album in full below.

ThunderStars Number Stations tracklist:

1. Appalachian Spring Break
2. Oceans
3. Not That Far
4. Ride
5. Sleepyhead
6. Riptide
7. Oscar
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