Hear “Underwater,” the new track from Sun’s Signature (Elizabeth Fraser and Damon Reece)

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Sun's Signature

Earlier this year, former Cocteau Twins vocalist Elizabeth Fraser announced her first new music in over a decade with Sun’s Signature, her collaboration with Damon Reece. The duo’s debut EP is out June 18 via Partisan Records, and today they’ve shared a new track from the upcoming release. It’s titled “Underwater,” and it’s a blend of ominous and abstract industrial and dark ambient sounds, along with hypnotic electronic pulses and Fraser’s own expressive vocals. Check it out below, via its new lyric video featuring abstract visuals (which, for what it’s worth, look a little bit like Vaughn Oliver’s mixed-media album art).

Sun’s Signature EP tracklist:

1. Underwater
2. Golden Air
3. Bluedusk
4. Apples
5. Make Lovely The Day

Cocteau Twins’ Garlands and Treasure are each featured on our list of the Top 100 Post-Punk Albums.

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