Hear the debut EP from Cleveland “slowpunk” band Honey Bee, Soft and Less Kind

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Honey Bee EP stream

On Friday, Cleveland-based “slowpunk” band Honey Bee will release their debut EP, Soft and Less Kind. It features four songs that navigate a curious and mesmerizing middle ground between shoegaze, emo, post-hardcore and prog, with songs that feature dense arrays of guitars, echoing and hypnotic vocals, as well as dynamic rhythmic changes and subtly infectious hooks as well. Their music is alternately powerful and gorgeous, at times recalling the likes of Hum and Cloakroom with the urgency of a band like Sunny Day Real Estate. And you can hear it for yourself, because we’re hosting a stream of the new EP in its entirety. Check it out and download the band’s debut release via their Bandcamp.

The band said in a statement, simply, “We would love for you spend 12 minutes listening to it.”

Hear the Honey Bee Soft and Less Kind EP below.

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