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Vocals that maul with a teeth-gnashing persistence. Guitars that detonate like a volley of machine guns firing off in succession. Bass and drum units that plaster caustic teeth marks in a maniac fashion. This is the sound of Jenny Piccolo, a darkcore/thrash band whose collective works are compiled on their new anthology, Discography. It’s an expansive LP, comprising 52 slips of music passages on one disc, and yet their material is all made up of similar components. There aren’t many variations in the chord structures and dynamics of the progressions. All of the tracks scream, singe, chide, lash out, bite, maul, gnaw, and clobber with anger that is tumultuous, obsessive, and blistering. The friction is acerbated and the animosity heightened by tantrums that seethe and cleave with a rapier’s tip.

The music tones are dark, sinister, and morbid and the channels are craggy brews. The songs take you through a sonic living Hell, tantamount to chasing lit jalapeños with whiskey. The vocals are disruptive, agitated, and enraged, shown in lyrics from “Patented Genes” like “Bullsh*t pours from your mouth/ Another sucker is born/ Chained to the belief that equilibrium is obtained, seen through the lies/ Bought by the blind/ The truth is confined to the Legal Lip.

There is a Henry Rollins-like craftsmanship in Jenny Piccolo’s songs that unmask society’s finely molded disguises meant to deceive and hustle people into a false reality. The songs reflect society’s ills, depravity, and lack of a moral compass, which pair well with the loud and aggressive, oftentimes going berserk sonics. The dark broiling malts create a vicious cycle without presenting a way out from the carnage.

With such a vast catalog of material, you expect a diversity of material, but after you hear the first five songs you will feel like you have heard the entire album. The songs come from the same emotions and situations played over and over like a vicious cycle with no way out of the turmoil. As a listener you are put in that vicious cycle with no space to breathe while trapped in the vortex.

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Jenny Piccolo - Discography

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