J.R.C.G. (Justin of Dreamdecay) shares heavy pulsing psych track “Rainbow”

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J.R.C.G. Rainbow

Justin R. Cruz Gallego of Seattle noise rock group Dreamdecay has a solo psych/krautrock project called J.R.C.G., and will be releasing his new album Ajo Sunshine via Castle Face on November 19. Today, J.R.C.G. has shared a new track from the upcoming album, titled “Rainbow.” It’s a dense, psychedelic pulse of a track, blending the abrasive textures of Gallego’s other band with the hypnotic rhythms of Can and a minimalist electronic midsection. “Rainbow” balances dissonance with accessibility and an unpredictability that makes the track feel like it’s always going somewhere new, even as it employs a heavy use of repetition.

Justin’s Dreamdecay bandmate Louis C.G. says of the new song in a statement, “In the allure of nostalgia J.R.C.G. stands alone with his futuristic flavor of art rock. Breathing new life into tradition, Rainbow is no exception. Sonically dense with rich blown out drums and lush free flowing synthesizer Rainbow pushes the genre to a modern edge while nurturing the spirit of Can, Pharaoh Sanders, and Eno/Fripp era collaboration.”

Hear “Rainbow” below.

J.R.C.G. Ajo Sunshine tracklist:

1. I.L.W.T.W.
2. Rainbow
3. Holy Hope
4. V
5. De La Frontera
6. Brother Was A Bullrider
7. Ajo Sunshine
8. Lowrider
9. Bopp
10. Olga
11. Brown Boy
12. Love Is A Drum

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