Premiere: Chicago’s Let’s Pet balances dreamy pop with hazy gloom on “Versimilitude”

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Let's Pet premiere

On February 22, Chicago’s Let’s Pet will release their new album The Bluff via Migration Media. And today, Treble premieres a new track from the album titled “Versimilitude.” Let’s Pet originally recorded the album back in 2012 with Don Cabellero’s Che Arthur, but the band took a hiatus when members Lisa and Trevor Shelley DeBrauw (Pelican/RLYR) became parents. But this track, though held closely for seven years, sounds fresh and contemporary, a hazy and dark pop gem that’s reminiscent of Superchunk when they ease back on the tempo, or ’90s-era indie rockers such as Seam or Versus. It’s a dreamy and beautiful track that also is a lot of fun, with some traces of goth-rock gloom around its blissful edges. Give it a listen below, and pre-order the album here.

Let’s Pet The Bluff tracklist:

1. Malicious Change Thrower
2. Tony the Bone Collector
3. The Rising Tide
4. His Madness
5. The Bluff
6. The End of the World
7. Verisimilitude
8. Whistle Test

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